Insourcing or Outsourcing? Takeaways from #ASAE16

Last year I wrote a blog post about why an association should consider outsourcing the conference show daily. During the ASAE 2016 Annual Meeting, I attended an interesting session on insourcing vs. outsourcing. Melissa Garcia, Society for Neuroscience, wasn’t specifically talking about publishing, but provided some good take-aways for managing relationships with vendors.

When considering outsourcing, you are potentially giving up more direct control but the vendor will be providing a high level of expertise because they are leaders in their field. Continue reading

Before You Kick Print to the Recycling Bin…

 With mobile app usage approaching record levels and exhibitors cutting back budgets, have you thought about eliminating print publications at your event, such as the traditional program book? Are you hesitant to add something new, such as a show daily? We agree, print’s role in the meetings industry is changing, but we don’t see it disappearing.

Check out some of our recent blog posts about the benefits of print publications.

Going Paperless? Wait, Read This!

  • “Going green” shows that you respect the environment. But, by eliminating print pieces:
    • Will attendees still be informed and able to access the information they need to make the most of your conference?
    • Are you eliminating advertising & sponsorship revenue opportunities?
    • Could you be relying too much on attendees to buy-in to your digital initiatives before they are ready?

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Wait a Second … Print and Digital Support Each Other!

(This post first appeared on the TSNN blog:

A few weeks ago, TSNN’s blog featured a post by Jay Tokosch of Core-Apps. His overall message – print is a waste of time and money, so stop printing and go digital-only, right now.

I say, wait a second, Mr. Tokosch. Before you kick print into the recycling bin, perhaps it might be worthwhile to look at this from a different perspective.

Though I must first congratulate him on reaching one of his objectives – he got my blood boiling, for sure!

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Show Daily Writers Provide Fresh Perspective

Show dailies usually include a lot of the same things – all valuable. Schedule changes, coverage of keynote speakers and interesting photography help showcase an association’s annual meeting to its attendees and members. But with input from member volunteer writers, the value and scope of show daily coverage can accomplish so much more. Continue reading