Getting More From Your Conference Keynote

Selecting a conference’s keynote speaker is a very big deal: press releases are written, the speaker’s photo appears in marketing brochures and interviews are scheduled with the association’s publications to further promote his/her appearance.

The speaker then travels to your conference, presents, and then, most often, departs.

So much is done pre-conference to promote the keynote – why not continue the momentum with onsite conference coverage? We have some ideas:

  • Make headlines: Feature keynote coverage in your show daily: a recap of the keynote, complete with photos, appears onkeynote page one in tomorrow’s issue. And add a “Man on the Street” feature that asks attendees about their biggest take-away from the presentation.
  • Share photos: Schedule a time shortly after the keynote for your photographer to provide 10-20 photos from the keynote for a photo album that can be shared immediately via social media channels. Talk to your mobile app provider about adding a news section, creating another way to share photos.
  • What about video?: Imagine the impact if you create a 3-minute video package highlighting the keynote address (if allowed by speaker). Videographers can create a highlight reel for sharing not just during your conference but throughout the year. The link can also be embedded in the digital version of your show daily!
  • Use email: Turn content from your show daily into a highlights email to send to members, past attendees and industry supporters – show those not attending what they missed!
  • Repurpose: A show daily article easily becomes content for blog posts and post-conference publications. (CustomNEWS will provide a reporter, we know your staff is very busy.) Was the keynote focused on a particular theme? Link to the recap or video whenever this theme is the topic of a blog post.

Getting more mileage out of your conference’s keynote is much easier than you think!

A CustomNEWS royalty proposal can include onsite writing, photography and videography services – and there’s no cost to your organization for any of it. Tell us when and where your conference is, and we’ll send over a proposal today!

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