Print isn’t Dead: Your Conference Needs It!

CustomNEWS believes print will continue to play a key part in a conference’s communications strategy. Eliminating printed program books, show dailies and exhibit hall maps will take away tools that attendees counts on to navigate your conference.

But don’t just take our worATCAtodayd for it:

Asked to identify why there’s value in a show daily, a non-profit communications executive pointed to the role that a show daily plays in distributing news at a conference.

“Attending a conference in person gives attendees the opportunity to break away from constant emails: they can experience and learn new things firsthand. A daily printed publication that they can quickly grab on the way to their first session that’s filled with news from the day before and updates to the day’s program is very beneficial.”

What about exhibitors? Is there still value in print advertising? Absolutely, said a corporate trade show executive who noted how a show daily advertisement ties into other investments made at a conference.

“I believe there is great valve in the advertising that is done via a convention newspaper.  It allows industry partners to promote events happening at the meeting and gives the attendees the ability to manage their time to attend events.  My organization advertises in show dailies at every meeting we can. We’ve had great success in turnouts at our events.  It is another great avenue to get the word out to attendees.”

Still think print isn’t for you? Tell us why and we’ll do our best to convince you otherwise!

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