Case Study: The International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET)

ISET is recognized as a global leader in the endovascular arena. More than 1,500 healthcare professionals attend this annual conference in south Florida. For the 11th year, CustomNEWS published the meeting’s official daily newspaper, ISET Today.

As a niche medical meeting, ISET has a number of unique features that are incorporated into the program. Over the past few years, CustomNEWS has worked with the conference organizers to create tie-ins with the show daily. Here’s a look at some of these tie-ins:

Live cases: Attendees view approximately 12-16 live case transmissions over the course of the three-day conference. Procedures are broadcast into the ballroom, during which a panel of experts converse with the case operators to discuss technique, device selection and post-procedure care. The daily live case schedule is included in ISET Today. Attendees find live cases to be a great educational opportunity, and can plan to be in the audience for the day’s broadcasts. But the teaching does not end there – the following day’s show daily will contain a live case follow-up section with pre- and post-procedure images and a summary of the procedure, allowing the attendee an opportunity to learn more about the case’s outcomes.

Polling: ISET attendees are encouraged to answer polling questions posted throughout the day. These questions may be related to presentations or live case broadcasts. Each afternoon, a team of the conference’s course directors then review the polling results to select six to nine slides to appear in the next issue of ISET Today. They look for questions with interesting results and select questions that represent a number of different topics that were addressed throughout the day. And sometimes, there’s a little fun thrown in: the audience predicted that the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl, 63% to 37%. (More information on polling:

Every conference has unique elements – tell us what makes your meeting stand out from others and we’ll come up with a plan to highlight these features in your show daily.

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