Five Ways Exhibitors Benefit from your Show Daily

CustomNEWS’ top priority is to design a show daily that meets the needs of the conference’s attendees, exhibitors and host organization (the association). Today we’ll look out how exhibitors benefit from a show daily.

Exhibitor List: The most up-to-date exhibitor list and floor plan, along with exhibit hall hours, will appear in yexhibit hall spreadour show daily. And while the list is printed elsewhere, changes happen – the list in your show daily will be the most updated list available. It gives you a way to keep an exhibitor happy if there’s an errant typo somewhere else.

Thank Sponsors: Include an ad that identifies sponsors (with logos) will raise awareness about which companies pledged their support to your event.

AdvertisDIA ISSUE 3 - LR-10ing: Exhibitors have the opportunity to deliver their messages to attendees each morning through show daily advertising. And if you offer complimentary press release publication with each advertising placement, exhibitors have two ways to get their messages out to attendees.

Special Event Schedules: Remind attendees about today’s line-up of product demos, symposia and other special events that exhibitors invested in. Exhibitors will appreciate the additional publicity and it may lead to a packed house – and a very happy exhibitor!

More time to plan: Show daily advertising deadlines close much later than program book deadlines. If they miss the program book deadline or have more news to share, show daily advertising is available to them up until approximately two weeks prior to the conference.

Are exhibitors offered enough opportunities to stand out from the competition at your conference? Contact CustomNEWS today to receive a proposal for publishing a show daily at your next conference.

And watch for future posts about how attendees and your association benefit from a show daily!

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