Increase Your Social Media Reach: Turn Your Show Daily into Tweets & Posts!

TweetsWhether it’s a Tweet, Facebook post or Flickr album, social media posts reach a wide audience. When an attendee shares a speaker’s quote or posts a photo (hopefully with the conference hashtag), it’s free marketing for your conference. Social media is also a great tool for reminding attendees about the day’s events and providing updates on schedule changes.

Beyond pre-scheduling tweets and posts about upcoming events, it can be hard to update throughout the day when your staff has a million other things to do. Here’s where CustomNEWS comes in – our team will contribute to your social media campaigns in a variety of ways:

  • Real time updates: Ask reporters to capture quotes for tweeting throughout day.
  • Online photo albums: Set a time in the photographer’s schedule to do a late morning download and upload photos into an album by lunchtime, when attendees will be catching up on social media. Do another upload in early evening, before attendees head out for the night.
  • Increase show daily readership: Tweet out a link to the digital version of the show daily in the morning, then schedule a few tweets w/ headlines to go out over the course of the day. And post the digital version link and an image of page one to your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile and groups.
  • Email: Sending out a daily email newsletter? Tweet the web link.
  • Print Tweets: Encourage your attendees’ Twitter activity by including “top tweets” in each day’s show daily. Attendees will be excited when they see their tweet in print!
  • Social Media Screens: Are you having social media screens? Set up a Dropbox folder so images can be uploaded throughout the day.

Social media also provides a platform for continuing the discussion after the conference is over. Share links and photos and create blog posts based on themes covered at the conference.

Host a TweetChat: Keep your conference top-of-mind by hosting a year-round TweetChat. Choose a day/time/frequency and promote it onsite in your show daily. It’s another opportunity for free marketing! And you may find a few attendees to help organize and host the chats.

Tell us: How much onsite social media updating does your team do at your conference? What challenges do you face when trying to do live updating? What resources do you need to improve your conference’s social media strategy?

CustomNEWS can take an active role in your onsite social media activities. We will write tweets and posts about show daily content, update photo albums and promote social media networks. Contact us today!

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