Email Newsletters – CustomNEWS Can Do That!

How often are you asked by a client “can you do this?” Sometimes it’s not something in your wheelhouse…but maybe it is doable and actually a really good idea!iset email

It was this type of discussion that led CustomNEWS to add a new product to our offerings: daily email newsletters. (See example here.) Distributing a daily email newsletter during your conference will share show daily links, news and photos to a wide audience. It’s also another way to remind attendees about upcoming events, as well as any changes to the day’s schedule.

Yes, the argument can be made about “too many emails,” but if you keep the content relevant and directed towards improving an attendee’s conference experience – and showing those not attending what they missed – it will be seen as beneficial.

Rather than selling unlimited advertising, limit it to maybe two banner ads and two square ads. It creates a level of exclusivity – and set a fair price that will fit into your exhibitors’ budgets.

Concerned about recipients unsubscribing from your mailing list? CustomNEWS can do everything: we’ll send the daily emails using a separate database that will not impact your lists. We’ll design a look that fits with other marketing collateral, oversee the content, schedule messages and provide post-conference metrics.

How do you communicate program updates and remind attendees about the day’s events during your conference? Comment below or contact us for pricing information.

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