Expand your Digital Marketing Presence with a News-focused Website

Showdailies.net Showcase conference news, photos and videos throughout the year!

Publishing a show daily requires the management of a lot of moving parts: preconference planning (printers, onsite staff and distribution), onsite coordination (logistics and daily production) and post-show evaluation (profits and relevance). But one of my favorite parts is the editorial planning: selecting sessions to cover, developing photography schedules and coming up with questions for a daily ‘Man on the Street’ feature.

A show daily captures this content onsite, but is it enough? How can a conference’s content and news have a greater shelf life? Is there a way to maximize a conference’s ROI? In this digital age,  CustomNEWS wanted to create a one-stop shop for the wealth of news generated at a conference.

The result is a new product offered by CustomNEWS: customized news-focused websites, www.showdailies.net. Our goal is to be a curator of content to share throughout the year, not just during a conference’s short lifespan. (Note: we’ve created a mock-up of what we can offer in terms of content. We’ll customize the look at feel of the site for your conference, as well as use different themes.)

You may ask, what about your conference’s website? It has a lot of information for the target audience: program descriptions, schedules, exhibitor lists and travel information. But what about what is happening at your conference, in real time? Where do attendees, members and industry supporters find education sessions previews and recaps, attendee interviews, photos, video clips and exhibitor news.

Our website will generate content that will not only be in one easy-to-navigate location, but also provide your organization with content that can be used throughout the year in association publications, blogs and other social media posts, and also used to promote future conferences. Whether it’s your keynote address or exhibitor announcements, numerous opportunities exist for you to curate and share this content throughout the year.

Check out our website, learn more about our services and read our FAQ page, and then contact Jenn Waters (jenn@showdailies.net) to start planning for the launch of a news-focused website at your next conference.

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