Five Ways Attendees Benefit from your Show Daily

closing keynoteCustomNEWS’ top priority is to design a show daily that meets the needs of the conference’s attendees, exhibitors and host organization (the association). Today we’ll look out how conference attendees benefit from a show daily.

Program Updates: Changes and cancellations are inevitable. How do you communicate this information to attendees? (Take our poll below). Using your show daily to raise awareness about cancellations will be something attendees appreciate. CustomNEWS often asks our distribution temps to make attendees aware about what page the program changes are on, so they can take a quick before rushing off to a session that could be cancelled.

Speaker Profiles: Every attendee may not be aware of just who the keynote speaker is, or what the connection to the conference is. Provide attendees with some information on the speaker’s background – it may encourage attendees to make time in their schedule to attend. Maybe take it a step further and ask the speaker to answers for a Q&A feature article.

Host City Information: Include information on nearby dining destinations, local attractions to visit (including cost, hours and distance from convention center) and other transportation information. Is there a local arrangements committee? Ask a few members to prepare this information from you: out-of-town attendees will benefit from the locals’ insider information.

Special Event Schedules: By providing the day’s schedule information in one location, attendees will find it a little easier to plan their day.

Exhibitor News: Education, networking and industry news are the three most common reasons that an attendee heads to a conference. But will attendees know about the day’s events on the exhibit hall floor? The show daily provides a vehicle for highlighting lunch and break schedules, new product information, demos and give-aways. Show daily advertising provides exhibitors with an opportunity to directly deliver their messages to attendees and encourage a visit to their booth.

Would your conference’s attendees benefit from the publication of a show daily? Contact CustomNEWS to learn more about our print and digital publishing offerings today! (How do exhibitors benefit from your show daily? Click here.)

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