How do you Invest in Content?

The topics of this week’s posts came to me while reading tweets from ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference. Today, we look at the investments made to host a conference.

An association invests in:newspaper reader.

  • Meeting space
  • Marketing materials
  • Staff time
  • Travel
  • Keynote speakers
  • Exhibit hall

Attendees commit their time and money to attend your conference.

Exhibitors invest in an opportunity to meet your attendees – their target market. Companies commit money (booth space, advertising, sponsorships and travel costs) and bring employees to staff their booths.

Now you have attendees, exhibitors and association leadership together, in one location. Knowledge is shared, advice given and messages promoted. Do you invest in ways to capture this content? Sharing stories, photos and videos will maximize the conference’s ROI. A lot goes into hosting a conference, shouldn’t you invest in opportunities to get a little more out of it?

We want to know: how do you curate and showcase content shared at your conference?

Problem-solving – one reason that attendees attend your conference – will be the topic of Thursday’s post. Stay tuned!



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