10 Ways a Show Daily Can be Very Useful

mobile app exapmleWho gets the most out of a conference’s onsite show daily? Our answer would be everyone: attendees, exhibitors and the association. Here are 10 ways a show daily can support what your already doing, whether it be related to your mobile app, social media strategy or year-round content marketing efforts.


  • Promote your Mobile App: Educate attendees about your mobile app with an article on page 1 of the first issue of your show daily. Maybe go a step further by asking your mobile app provider to send you a Q&A article to highlight the features and help attendees get started. Is there a QR code available for easy downloading? Publish it in your show daily.
  • Social Media: Have you recently joined a new social media channel, such as Instagram, or created a group on LinkedIn? Make sure attendees know how they can connect with their colleagues and your association online. What about the conference hashtag – does it appear on every page? Have a little fun with Twitter by including some of the day’s best tweets in tomorrow’s issue of your show daily.
  • Schedule Updates: Changes and cancellations happen, and attendees want to know about them. Yes, you can update the mobile app and use social media, but will that reach everyone? Encourage your show daily distribution temps to tell attendees what page number the schedule updates are on, so they can take a quick look before heading off to their intended destination.
  • Thank sponsors: Make sure attendees know who sponsored the event by including a “thank you sponsors” ad with logos in as many issues as possible.
  • Onsite Advertising: Exhibitors look for different ways to reach attendees. Show daily advertising gets their message out to attendees each morning, as they’re determining where to head when the exhibit hall opens. Increase exhibitor interest in show daily advertising by offering complimentary press release publication exclusively to show daily advertisers.
  • Exhibitor Events: Remind attendees about special events that exhibitors invested in, such as symposia, product stage demos, etc.
  • Non-dues Revenue: Create another stream of non-dues revenue for your association by selling advertising in your show daily. Looking for a new sponsorship idea? Ask us about a “t-shirts on temps” package.
  • Content Marketing: Turn show daily articles into year-round content: blog entries, newsletter articles, slide shows and social media posts.
  • Reach non-attendees: Don’t limit your show daily’s reach to only attendees. Post the links to the digital versions of your show daily to social media and websites to show non-attendees what they are missing. Go a step further – CustomNEWS will design, manage, and distribute a daily email newsletter that will both keep attendees updated and keep your conference top-of-mind for those not in attendance.
  • What’s Next?: Before attendees head home, remind them about upcoming events – and promote next year’s conference with a save-the-date ad in the final issue of your show daily.

Have something to add to this list? Please add it in the comments section below.

Would you like to learn more about publishing a show daily at your next conference? Contact CustomNEWS today, info@showdailies.com to get started.

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