Going Digital With Your Show Daily

By Michael Doane

There’s still a place for paper, that’s for sure, but it seems everything is going digital. Signage, brochureNewsDalies2s, and now your show daily too.

What’s driving this change? Technology of course! Mobile apps in particular.

Event apps have become something of a standard conference tool in the past few years. Meeting planners love them because they can easily update important information, attendees now expect them because they add value to their experience, and exhibitors can’t get enough of the visibility apps give them.

But why move your show daily online?

The Benefits of Putting Your Paper In An App

There are plenty of good reasons for making your show daily available in an event app. Here are 5 of them:

  • Your App Is Your Event’s Information Hub — Your attendees already plan their schedules, explore the trade show floor, and connect with each other through your event app. Why not give them their daily feed of news through it too?
  • Break News At An Instant — Important schedule change? Big keynote speaker about to start? No worries. Alert your attendees with push notifications.
  • Highlight the Best Photos of the Day — You want your attendees to engage, right? You can sort through all the photos they’ve taken in the app and highlight the best of the best!
  • Give Attendees Bonus Content — Include a QR code in your printed show daily to offer attendees bonus content in the app.
  • Let Your Exhibitors Shine — Your exhibitors will be thrilled when you ask them to sponsor your show daily and include their logo or brochure in the app’s news feed.

How Your Digital Daily Connects With the Larger Attendee Experience

Some people will never change. There are those that love to pick up a paper copy of your show daily and slow read it with a cup of coffee in hand. For them, keep printing!

Others prefer to skim the headlines or browse the best photos of the day while they’re in between sessions. They’re used to getting their daily news from an app (or two, or three), and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Putting your show daily in an event app caters to both these groups. It’s the best way to get the news out and ensures that every attendee will get the most out of your daily.


Michael Doane is a writer, marketer, and web developer who’s fallen in love with the meetings industry. At CadmiumCD he is focused on educating event organizers about the benefits of technology. Get your free copy of “The Most Influential Advances in Event Tech” and start learning today.

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