Content for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy? It’s in Your Show Daily!

Inbound marketing describes activities that bring visitors to you.

One key driver behind inbound marketing efforts is content. You need to have content to share across different platforms, on a consistent basis. The goal is to position your association as a go-to expert in your field – providing information and knowledge that cannot be found in other places.

Blogs, social media channels and email newsletters are just a few of the digital marketing tools used to draw users in. But, first you need content – and your conference’s print show daily is the ideal source for content to use throughout the year.

Having a multimedia team onsite to curate content from your conference creates numerous inbound marketing resources for your association to use throughout the year.

CustomNEWS’ team of reporters, photographers and videographers will be your team of onsite content curators: we’ll cover sessions, conduct man on the street interviews, create photo albums for social media and mobile apps and interview association leaders.

Short on ideas for blog posts? Gather a few stories, photos and a video link that relate to one topic – and then maybe tie it into a future event, webinar or related publication. A blog post is ready to go.

Association members and industry professionals attend your conference to hear the latest news, trends and products – don’t miss out on a great source of content to incorporate this content into your year-round inbound marketing strategy.

Contact us today to learn more about our show daily royalty proposal: we’ll bring a team of experienced reporters, photographers and videographers to your conference, and there will be no cost to your organization for a show daily publication. We’ll sell the advertising and you’ll leave your conference with a vast array of content you can use all year long.

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