Turn Q&As into Engaging Content

  • “Why are you attending this year’s conference?”
  • “What’s your biggest take-away from the conference?”q of day
  • “Name one challenge you’re currently facing.”
  • “What are you looking for in the exhibit hall?”
  • “What led you to this profession?”
  • “What advice would you give first-time attendees/new members?”

These are just a sampling of questions that can be used for a show daily’s “Man on the Street” feature.

By asking an open-ended question and snapping a photo, you’ve created engaging content for blog posts, future marketing materials and social media.

Whether it’s for your association’s storytelling campaign, or to stock-pile member profiles, story ideas are ripe for the picking at your conference. It starts by asking questions.

  • Follow-up with first-time attendees after they get home to get their feedback: Ask a few follow-up questions that can be turned into profiles.
  • Did a veteran conference go-er offer useful suggestions for first-timers? Contact them about writing a “how to” about navigating the conference for next year’s first-time attendees.
  • Look at the challenges that were mentioned: turn it into a blog entry or social media post by asking readers to answer the same question.

Don’t limit your show daily content to session recaps and conference news: put on your creative writing hat. You never know what story ideas may be roaming the halls!

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