Show Dailies: Give Attendees Something to Talk About

Print show daily sampleWhy print? When social media channels and mobile apps providing conference updates in real time, why does print still offer value?

We asked a communications manager at a medical association with a conference newspaper why print matters:

“There is a strong, intangible connection that print dailies create between conference attendees. In addition to the value of program updates, deep insights into session content and coverage from the previous day, dailies enable their own brand of community by giving everyone something to rally around and talk about. Not everyone tweets or uses Instagram, but any and everyone is encouraged to pick up a daily paper—it’s a different kind of community building that is just as impactful as any app or website.”

What type of show daily content can start conversation?

  • Recaps of education sessions – attendees can’t hear every speaker.
  • Questions of the day – they’ll stop to think what they’re answer would be.
  • Information on upcoming events – it could be something they want to attend.
  • Exhibitor news and advertisements – they’ll head into the exhibit hall to speak with industry representatives.
  • Membership benefits – can joining your association advance their career?
  • Award winners – who they are and what have they accomplished?

Every conference has conversation-starters – we want to showcase them in your show daily! Contact us today to get started!




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