Vendor Collaboration: How Your Conference Benefits

photo boothHow many vendors does your association work with onsite?

  • Audiovisual team
  • Mobile app developer
  • Photo booth staff
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Show daily publisher

Each vendor has an area of expertise that you rely onto them for. But with the introduction of mobile apps and digital technologies, there’s more and more overlapping. Here’s a few ways that the services provided by these vendors can be incorporated into your onsite conference communications:

AV team: Can they provide video clips from keynotes and presentations? These clips can be embedded into your show daily, hosted on your conference’s news website and promoted in the conference’s daily email newsletter. If there’s time, ask your AV team and photographer to work together to great a photo montage each day that can be added to slide decks. Attendees will love seeing the photos!

Mobile app: Ask your app developer to create a news section for sharing show daily links and showcasing photos. And use your show daily to promote the mobile app in the first issue.

Photo booth: Attendees have fun smiling for the camera. Ask your photo booth vendor to provide the day’s photos and create a collage in the next issue. Is there a sponsor? Include their logo for additional recognition.

Photographers: CustomNEWS can include photography services, but it’s not a requirement. We can work with your existing photography team to get images for the show daily. Publish a photo page and include a photo credit to create an opportunity to showcase their work.

Videographers: Do you have a video marketing team creating news clips, interviewing attendees and creating video montages? Ask the team to provide us with a few clips by 7 p.m. to incorporate into tomorrow’s show daily.

Have your vendors worked together onsite? We want to hear how – comment below.

Contact CustomNEWS to learn more about introducing a show daily at your next conference – we’ll sell the advertising and do all the work!

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