Outsourcing: When is it the Right Choice?

  • OutsourcingHotel Contracts
  • Advertising Sales
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Publication Design
  • Show Daily Production

Does your association outsource any of these services? Your decision to outsource may be staffing-related, both in terms of the size of your staff and the time required to manage a specific task. Having a go-to specialist may actually result in a savings in the long-run. And, especially in the meetings industry, you’re often working with someone who wants to make your life just a little bit easier.

When it comes to conference communications services, where does outsourcing fit in?

Program book design: would it be more cost-effective to contract with a designer to design your program (and maybe other marketing collateral) rather than overextending your publications department?

Social media management: You may be hesitant to turn onsite social media management over to someone other than a staff person, but there may be a way to compromise. Rather than letting them just “take over,” set up a plan in advance – they can prepare photo albums and write tweets that go through a review process, as well as monitor channels for problems. They’d work closely with a staff person who’s their point person. It can help cut down on staff time commitments – especially when they are needed somewhere else – and keep the photos and posts flowing throughout the conference.

Show dailies: We’re often asked, why use CustomNEWS to publish our show daily? Our answer, it’s all we do. We will find the best print resources, we have photographers and reporters to recommend and will find dependable temp agencies. There’s a lot of moving parts involved in show daily publication, and we keep tabs on every one so your staff doesn’t have to!

What services does your staff outsource? Are you hesitant to work with third-party providers?

Please contact CustomNEWS, info@showdailies.com, to learn more about our show daily publishing services. And ask how we can publish a newspaper at your next conference for free!

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