Enhance Your Social Media Strategy with Real-Time Posts

Facebook photo albums are a great way to share images and encourage attendees to add comments and tags.
Facebook photo albums are a great way to share images and encourage attendees to add comments and tags.Yr show daily into tweets, photo albums and blog posts

Look at ways to incorporate show daily daily content into your conference’s onsite social media strategy

Scheduling platforms – i.e. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and TweetDeck – are a great tool for prescheduling tweets during your conference to promote the day’s events, thank sponsors and send out reminders. Doing so, however, only scratches the surface. Investing time, money and resources into real-time posting will increase interaction on your social media channels, share content with a wide audience and keep your hashtag trending all day long.

Here are six ways that onsite content curation can be worked into your social media efforts.

1. Quotes: Create a process that allows your onsite editorial team to turn quotes into tweets and send to the appointed person for posting as they happen. And don’t forget to look for quotes that your attendees are tweeting and retweet them throughout the day – you can also publish them in the next issue of your show daily!

2. Photos: Rather than waiting for photos at the end of the day, look at the resources you have for capturing photos that can be posted within minutes to Twitter and Instagram. Maybe your show daily production team can wander around with their iPhone? Or hiring an independent social media manager to support your staff is a worthwhile investment.

Share video clips.
Share video clips.

3. Videos: Onsite video production may be less expensive than you think. Numerous companies can now produce and upload attendee interviews within minutes, as well as produce montages and features that can be shared the conference website, social media channels and the daily email newsletter. Ask about embedding videos in your digital show daily and/or broadcasting to the hotel’s internal channels.

4. Show Daily Links: Ask your publisher to provide an image of page 1, as well as write a few tweets about content in each day’s issue. These posts can be scheduled at the end of the day or early in the morning.

Share digital versions of your show daily on social media.
Share digital versions of your show daily on social media.

5. Photo albums: Ask your photographer to share 15-20 photos with you each day for daily photo albums that can be created on Flickr and Facebook. Then share the links on Twitter and LinkedIn. Increase traction and visibility with daily photo albums, rather than one overall album.

6. Email: A daily conference highlights email newsletter can be prepared in advance, finalized onsite and distributed to attendees and members to showcase news and events, as well as remind readers to connect with your organization on social media.


Don’t Forget:

Share tweets in your show daily!
Share tweets in your show daily!
  • Does your association have a group on LinkedIn? Share photos, show daily links and promote daily photo albums on other social media networks.
  • Even though you’re typing on the fly, grammar and spellcheck are still important
  • Promote the hashtags and social media channels on signage throughout the meeting area, during slide shows before sessions begin and in your show daily.
  • After the conference, take stock of what did and what didn’t. Was attendee interaction much lower than expected on one channel, and maybe better on another? It’s important to be active on the same platforms that your attendees are using.
  • Have fun!


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