Your Mobile App is Missing Something

NCVH's mobile site includes the conference's daily newspaper.
NCVH’s mobile site includes the conference’s daily newspaper.

Transitioning to a mobile app creates:

  • Up-to-the-minute schedules
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Less need for a bulky onsite program

But, where is the content? How do you showcase photos, session recaps, association updates and exhibitor news? Before you pull the plug on your print show daily, ask your mobile developers early on about incorporating a news section and daily photo albums into your mobile app.  

  • Set up a plan with your photographer for nightly downloading of a selection of 15-30 photos that can be added to your app’s photo album. Don’t forget to ask the developer for sizing requirements to save time onsite. Make it simple: set up a Dropbox that both your photographer and app provider can access.
  • Find out how the show daily can be incorporated into the mobile app – ask about push messages that share the links to the digital versions. Some developers may prefer PDF files. Either way, it creates a larger audience for your show daily. Make it simple: if you’re going to share the digital links, as your show daily publisher to create the links in advance, that way your app provider can load these in prior to the event.

And don’t forget about promoting your mobile app in the show daily:

  • A small box on page 1 with information on where to download, including the QR code if there is one.
  • A longer Q&A inside that goes into further detail about downloading, troubleshoots problems, highlights features and points out what is new this year.

Mobile apps are here to stay –- but a print show daily still has a place in your conference’s communications strategy. Let us show you how the two can work together! Contact us today,

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