Photos Are Worth More than 1,000 Words

Getting the most out of your convention photos

By Rachelle Morvant

As a meeting planner or association executive, are you aware of the many benefits of hiring a professional event photographer? Your convention is the perfect opportunity to gather dynamic imagery that will enable you to market your organization on multiple levels.

Once an organization has made the investment in professional on-site photography, it would be a shame to waste those dollars by not taking full advantage of the many uses for your images. Some examples of photography use include:

  • Promoting Sponsors – during and after convention
  • Website Photography
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Internal Newsletters – promote convention
  • External Newsletters – increase awareness
  • Publicity Articles – newspapers and magazines
  • Public Relations and Fundraising – flyers, signage, and other materials

Images can be used throughout the year on blogs, websites, newsletters and social media as you inform and entertain while building engagement. The professionals that blog, post, advertise and generally market your industry know what images will improve engagement. Gather photo requests from these interested parties to maximize the usability of the photos you receive. Some things to consider when gathering requests:

  • Types of images: details, people, environment, etc.
  • Style of images: Format (vertical/horizontal), Action (engaged/portrait), Signage elements, etc.
  • Subject of images: Groups, individuals, products, booths, location, etc.
  • Quantity of images: How many of each type of image is needed to sustain publication throughout the year.

IMG_5634Images of show vendors and attendees can be used to engage not only your audience, but the vendor’s audience as well. Use these images on social media to promote organization news; this can improve your visibility with relevance. If you care about your vendors, their loyal audience will notice.

Photography is one of the strongest tools for engagement. Viewers quickly relate with an image and either engage or move on. Marketing and social media professionals can use these dynamic photographs to improve awareness and help keep your organization’s purpose in front of your audience, and your audience engaged.

IMG_6518Rachelle Morvant is a passionate and lively event and hospitality photographer based in Nashville. For photography inquiries, visit or

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