Show dailies: More than Just Non-Dues Revenue

The topic of a recent #assnchat led me to this blog post: non-dues revenue. While I recognize that there are many sources for non-dues revenue, advertising and sponsorship sales are probably the most common in the associations industry.

One scenario under which CustomNEWS works is the royalty proposal – in exchange for the right to sell advertising to a conference’s exhibitors/sponsors, the association will receive a show daily for free. (Yes, there is fine print, which I’d be happy to discuss directly with you.)

But, comments during #assnchat made me look at what a show daily can offer, beyond a royalty payment:

  • Photos – We’ll give you all the photos taken by our show daily photographer. If a meetings photographer isn’t in the budget, or you want to cut down on stock photo fees, we’ll include a photographer in our proposal. (It could you save $2,000-3,000.)
  • Content – Have you wanted to include session recaps in the next issue of your magazine or newsletter, but don’t have staff available to attend sessions? Our reporters will cover sessions – many of our clients then repurpose these articles, a great-value add!
  • Social Media Marketing – Share the show daily links via your social media channels to show those not in attendance what they are missing, and archive the links to create marketing tools for future meetings. Or take it a step further and host each show daily article on your website (or ask us to do it) – imagine the hundreds of tweets you can schedule just from 10-15 show daily articles!

Before ruling out a show daily, you may be surprised about the royalty payments (and the added benefits listed above) we’ve returned to our clients with meetings that are the same size, or smaller, than your conference. Contact Jenn Waters,, to learn more about the full range of services that CustomNEWS offers.



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