Dispelling Misconceptions about Show Dailies

Misconception: a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.

When it comes to show dailies, there are many misconceptions that we face when talking to prospective clients, including:

  • Cost: too expensive; will impact other marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • Time: our staff’s already stretched thin; there’s no ROI on the time we invest.
  • Work: no idea how to find a printer; we have to get up at WHAT time to meet the driver?
  • Why?: who will read it? what else do we get?

Overcoming these misconceptions may require your association to take a risk – but we know you’ll be surprised when your show daily generates non-dues revenues, attendees rave about the new publication, exhibitors see its value as a marketing tool and you now have a photo library to use throughout the year.

  • Show dailies make money. Yes, they require advertising support to cover the costs to publish. But, exhibitors will support a show daily – there is value in getting your message to attendees every morning as they plan their day. Regardless of the industry, competition is stiff, and getting stiffer. Standing out on a crowded show floor is a must in the trade show arena!
  • Attendees read the show daily. Attendees want to be updated, they want to hear from your association, they want to see what exhibitors are promoting.
  • A lot goes into publishing, but you get a lot from a show daily too! Show dailies generate articles that can be republished, photos to share, catalog and repurpose (cuts down on stock photo fees) and now you have a marketing tool that has captured your meeting’s excitement, news and message that shows those not attending what they missed!

During “Stretch Your Conference Content” on Sunday, August, 9, at 3:30 p.m. in room 310B, Jenn Waters, assistant publisher and digital media manager, CustomNEWS, will be joined by three association executives to look at ways to capture and share content from your conference throughout the year.

We also hope you’ll stop by booth #1225 in the exhibit hall – we want to dispel your misconceptions about show dailies!

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