Show Dailies Help Your Exhibitors Stand Out in a Crowd!

A recent blog post about the value of exhibiting led me to think about ways an association can leverage the publication of a show daily to offer exhibitors new ways to stand out on the trade show floor and drive booth traffic, beyond just simply asking them to buy an ad. Here’s a look at a few ways our clients highlight their exhibitors and sponsors:

New Product Showcase: We’ve sold this as a paid listing, 100 words and photo; but it could be scaled down (maybe 50 words & photo) and offered as a value-added opportunity to all exhibitors. They should, however, be required to showcase that product in their booth.

Exhibit Hall Listing & Floor Plan: Yes, your program book and mobile app already have the exhibitor list, but publishing it in your show daily creates another tool for attendees to use. And, because the show daily is printed overnight, the list can be updated onsite to reflect late additions/cancellations.

Exhibitor News: Another value-add we’ve offered advertisers is complimentary publication of 200- or 300-word press releases in each issue that they advertise. But you could take a different approach by asking exhibitors to submit one press release of a set length, and run these over the course of the conference.

Special Event Schedules: Do you sell time on a stage in the exhibit hall? Make sure these schedules appear in the show daily each day with the company logo for added publicity the sponsors will appreciate.

These are just a few ideas…we want to hear from you: how do you promote exhibitors in your show daily?

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