Get Creative with On-Demand Printing

2015 BATC Floor Stickers FINAL-01By Diane Ritter

So you’ve planned the perfect conference, booked the location and identified potential attendees, now what? Be sure to develop a consistent brand for all components of the conference. The logo should be on all materials. Typical conference materials include invitations, brochures, programs, name badges, presentations, banners, and promotional items.

Besides these typical items, have you considered floor or wall stickers to direct attendees to register or find sessions? Take it one step further and make the stickers variable with sponsor logos, speaker names, etc. With on-demand printing, it is easy to create a variable brochure specific to an individual with their name and company logo. Wouldn’t it be flattering to receive a brochure with your name, logo and the sessions that you signed up for including the location and speaker information? It is easy and cost-efficient to utilize variable technology with digital and wide format equipment – you just need to think outside the box.

Most important, make your conference an EXPERIENCE for your attendees. No one wants their event to be remembered as just another conference – have fun and be creative!

Diane Ritter has been in the commercial printing industry for over 25 years and is currently VP of Client Solutions for Vivid Impact in Louisville, KY.

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