Link Share Friday – November 6, 2015

ash tweetToday we’re sharing articles about exhibitor marketing, social media and event technology. And scroll down for links to learn more about how publishing a show daily ties into your conference’s social media strategy.

How to Better Market Your Events and Make Your Tradeshows Actually Worth It via @NStarEx

As an exhibitor, how are you standing out on a crowded show floor? Social media is the latest trend, but hashtags can get very busy. Don’t overlook the value of print advertising in the conference show daily. Ask about value-addeds: do advertisers get to submit press releases for guaranteed publication? Is there a way to showcase new products? This article looks at pre- and post-event marketing ideas, but the one I liked best, the “beer and oysters” suggestion.

photo booth6 Ways to Use Technology to Entertain and Engage Your Audience via @DanCarthy2 and @lizkingevents

All of these suggestions have tie-ins to your show daily, including:

  • Social media: share digital links to your show daily; publish the day’s best tweets in your show daily; remind attendees of the hashtag.
  • Event apps:  create a news section for sharing digital links and photos.
  • Interactive kiosks: ask your photo booth team to provide your show daily publisher with access to some images to publish in your show daily. And don’t forget to thank your sponsor.

 5 Essential Questions to Ask in Your Event App RFP via @cadmiumcd

Make sure you ask about incorporating your show daily into the app: a news section with digital links and photo albums, push messages to remind attendees to pick up the show daily or read it online.

And don’t forget about using the show daily to promote your mobile app:

  • Remind attendees about the features
  • Thank the mobile app sponsors
  • Include QR codes for attendees to use to download the app

Have you read these posts?

As the needs of the meeting industry change, so do the services offered by CustomNEWS. We want the show daily to be an integral part of your conference’s social media strategy:

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