What’s Your Rainbow Bagel?

Having a show daily at your next meeting or event may not save lives, but it could save a tradition that you didn’t realize was important to your attendees.

CustomNEWS recently published a newspaper in conjunction with a fundraising walk that was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Before the event, our reporter was interviewing past participants about their favorite memories of past walks. Some of them mentioned the rainbow-colored bagels that were always waiting for participants and family members to enjoy after the walk.

When our client was reading the stories before we finalized the issue, he was surprised to see that the rainbow bagels were so popular. Turns out, he had talked to the usual provider of the bagels a few weeks prior and they told him they wouldn’t be able get them this year. He thought, “oh well, we’ll just get regular bagels.” That was the plan until he read his show daily story. He decided to keep looking, and he found another company who could give him his rainbow bagels, and they made another appearance at the event.

Is this a nice story about event attendees wanting a specific baked good? Sure. But it’s also about a client becoming aware of something they didn’t realize was important to their participants … only because they had a show daily newspaper.

Is your organization capturing the content of your meeting and how your attendees and members feel about issues – large and small? Make sure it does by letting CustomNEWS show you the many benefits of publishing a show daily at your meeting. Because sometimes it’s not just the big stuff that’s important – it’s the rainbow bagels.

Contact Tim Mercer today, showdailies@verizon.net, to discuss how we can introduce a show daily at your next conference.


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