Looking Back: Top 10 Posts of 2015!

Our CustomNEWS Word Cloud!What a great year we had! We launched our blog in January, with great results. As we plan out our posts for 2016, we wanted to look back at our top 10 posts of 2015:

Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To? With rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps and frequent schedule changes, is a program book still the best “go-to” your conference can offer? CustomNEWS has a suggestion for you. Combine your program book and show daily to create an updated onsite resource that not only has the latest schedule information that attendees need, but also showcases conference news (session previews and recaps, attendee interviews, photos and association news).

 Email Newsletters – CustomNEWS Can Do That!  Distributing a daily email newsletter during your conference will share show daily links, news and photos to a wide audience. It’s also another way to remind attendees about upcoming events, as well as any changes to the day’s schedule. CustomNEWS can do everything: we’ll send the daily emails using a separate database that will not impact your lists. We’ll design a look that fits with other marketing collateral, oversee the content, schedule messages and provide post-conference metrics.

Your Conference’s Communications Plan: It’s Missing a Show Daily! Without a show daily, how do attendees learn about a session cancellation or speaker change? Can exhibitors with breaking news or a special event communicate this information to attendees? How does a conference share content to show non-attendees what they missed out on? CustomNEWS knows a show daily isn’t the only communications vehicle at a conference. Program books, along with the recent additions of social media channels and mobile apps are all resources for conference attendees – but are they enough?

Polling Slides in Show DailyCase Study: The International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET):  As a niche medical meeting, ISET has a number of unique features (polling, live cases, etc.) that are incorporated into the program. Over the past few years, CustomNEWS has worked with the conference organizers to create tie-ins with the meeting’s official daily newspaper, ISET Today.

Getting More From Your Conference Keynote: Getting more mileage out of your conference’s keynote is much easier than you think! Continue the momentum of your pre-con marketing efforts with onsite coverage of the keynote address.

Share show daily links via social mdiaIncrease Your Social Media Reach: Turn Your Show Daily into Tweets & Posts! Whether it’s a Tweet, Facebook post or Flickr album, social media posts reach a wide audience. When an attendee shares a speaker’s quote or posts a photo (hopefully with the conference hashtag), it’s free marketing for your conference. Beyond pre-scheduling tweets and posts about upcoming events, it can be hard to update throughout the day when your staff has a million other things to do. Here’s where CustomNEWS comes in – our team will contribute to your social media campaigns in a variety of ways.

Print isn’t Dead: Your Conference Needs It!: CustomNEWS believes print will continue to play a key part in a conference’s communications strategy. Eliminating printed program books, show dailies and exhibit hall maps will take away tools that attendees counts on to navigate your conference.

Five Ways Exhibitors Benefit from your Show Daily: CustomNEWS’ top priority is to design a show daily that meets the needs of the conference’s attendees, exhibitors and host organization (the association).

10 Ways a Show Daily Can be Very Useful: Who gets the most out of a conference’s onsite show daily? Our answer would be everyone: attendees, exhibitors and the association. Here are 10 ways a show daily can support what your already doing, whether it be related to your mobile app, social media strategy or year-round content marketing efforts.

Question of the Day exampleSlideshow: Content for your Show Daily: A response often heard when CustomNEWS asks if a conference has a show daily: we don’t have enough news to share. That’s probably not the case at all. Looking beyond standard content such as session previews and recaps, speaker interviews, award winner profiles and association news, there’s a wealth of information coming out of your meeting that belongs in your conference’s show daily. Check out our slideshow for some suggestions.

Have a topic you’d like to see us address? A challenge you’re facing in the conference communications arena? Tell us in the comments below or contact Jenn Waters, info@showdailies.com.


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