Elevating Your Meeting’s Greatness

You know when a client says something – innocently over coffee, perhaps – but it hits home in a way you didn’t see coming?

During a planning meeting, one of our clients was talking about all the reasons to continue to publish a show daily. It helps them retain and curate the meeting’s content, offers a great way for exhibitors to get traffic to their booth, provides attendees with efficiently-distributed news and meeting information they will actually see and read, and is produced with no association budget required.

They knew all that, of course, but I admitted that having a daily print publication can be seen as less than cutting-edge these days. The client heard this, nodded, and said, “Well you know when you start to take apart the various things that make up a good meeting, you realize that everything can be done on line. Including the meeting itself.”

That made me see what the best meeting planners see in their meetings. They aren’t just a combination of sessions, exhibits, meal events and services that each has a price tag attached. A good meeting is something so much more to its association and members. It takes all of those pieces and makes them into a whole that is incredibly more important and valuable to its attendees than just a sum of its parts.

Just like good meals, great sessions and a comfortable facility, a CustomNEWS Show Daily not only helps you retain and disseminate information – it helps you promote and sustain your meeting as something big, something grand, indeed something that works. Isn’t it time you consider adding a professionally-produced customized show daily publication to the mix of all the things that already make your meeting great?

Contact Tim Mercer today, showdailies@verizon.net, to discuss how we can introduce a show daily at your next conference.

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