Link Share Friday – January 8, 2016

Today we’re sharing articles about content, content marketing and inbound marketing. And scroll down to read one of our latest posts about show daily content.

How to engage your members with content via @MultiBriefs

  • Publications, webinars and conference can easily generate enough content for a year-long campaign. But do you have enough staff to write, edit and catalog this content? CustomNEWS’ onsite reporters will cover sessions for your conference show daily, as well as rework content for sharing with your members all year long.

Email newsletters sent daily during a conference showcase news and photos, can include schedule reminders and show those not in attendance what they are missing.

Why Your Small-Staff Association Needs an Inbound Marketing Strategy via @MemberClicks

  • Great overview of what your association’s inbound marketing strategy could include. CustomNEWS can develop, manage and send email newsletters; generate conference content for sharing via social media; and assist with turning show daily stories into blog posts. Show dailies are much more than just onsite printed pieces!

4 Simple Steps to Harness the Power of User Generated Content  via @socialmedia2day

  • UCG – user-generated content – can be a great endorsement of your conference. When attendees share quotes and photos, they are showing their audiences what they are taking away from your conference. And interacting with these posts gets you even more free publicity.

Have you read this post?

Content as a Promotional Tool: Onsite editorial coverage at your conference will showcase news, highlight speakers’ messages and let those not attending see what they missed. But are you missing out on ways to promote future events and publications that tie in to topics covered at your conference? [Click here for the full post.]

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