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reading pla daily nwesWe’re excited to announce that our blog has had more than 1,400 visitors and 3,300 views in the past 16 months. Here’s a look at the top 5 blog posts so far in 2016:

Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To?: With rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps and frequent schedule changes, is a program book still the best “go-to” your conference can offer? CustomNEWS has a suggestion for you. Combine your program book and show daily to create an updated onsite resource that not only has the latest schedule information that attendees need, but also showcases conference news (session previews and recaps, attendee interviews, photos and association news).

Show Dailies Showcase Content: A few months ago, Jenn Waters, assistant publisher & digital media manager, CustomNEWS, Inc., had the opportunity to present at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting in Detroit. During “Stretch Your Conference Content,” Jenn looked at the show daily as a tool for not only curating and showcasing content at your conference, but also as a way to generate content to share throughout the year.

Photos Are Worth More than 1,000 Words: As a meeting planner or association executive, are you aware of the many benefits of hiring a professional event photographer? Your convention is the perfect opportunity to gather dynamic imagery that will enable you to market your organization on multiple levels. Once an organization has made the investment in professional on-site photography, it would be a shame to waste those dollars by not taking full advantage of the many uses for your images. (Guest post by Rachelle Morvant.)

Going Paperless? Wait, Read This!: “Going green” shows that you respect the environment. But, by eliminating print pieces:

  • Will attendees still be informed and able to access the information they need to make the most of your conference?
  • Are you eliminating advertising & sponsorship revenue opportunities?
  • Could you be relying too much on attendees to buy-in to your digital initiatives before they are ready?

Outsourcing: When is it the Right Choice?: Your decision to outsource may be staffing-related, both in terms of the size of your staff and the time required to manage a specific task. Having a go-to specialist may actually result in a savings in the long-run. And, especially in the meetings industry, you’re often working with someone who wants to make your life just a little bit easier. When it comes to conference communications services, where does outsourcing fit in?

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