Digital Marketing: It Starts with Print

Distribute digital versions of your print show daily to expand publication readership.
Distribute digital versions of your print show daily to expand publication readership.

Social media, email and the Internet deliver news to a wide audience very quickly. All it takes is a few keystrokes for photos to populate to a Facebook page or a story to appear on a blog.

But where does the content for these mediums start? With print.

Looking specifically at annual meetings and tradeshows, it is the print products that bring in the revenue to cover the costs of the writers and photographers needed to generate content that, while initially written for the show daily, will be shared across a variety of platforms throughout the course of a conference.

Why print first? When selling advertising, companies want to know circulation numbers – a print publication has these, as well as a defined distribution plan.

Digital publications rely on metrics to garner advertiser interest – and sometimes these metrics just aren’t what you hoped they’d be.

So, rather than relying on digital publications to stand alone – look at print and digital as a package deal. Use digital distribution methods such as email and social media to expand a print publication’s readership.

While print’s role may be changing, it’s not going away anytime soon. Those that recognize that digital can complement – rather than replace – print will quickly realize the resources they need will come as a result of successful print products such as conference show daily.

Would you like to learn more about how a CustomNEWS show daily can drive your digital marketing efforts? Contact Jenn Waters,


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