Social Media and Show Dailies: Working Together

Social media can be time-consuming, but also offer free publicity, engagement and excitement – ever walk the halls and hear an attendee report that the conference hashtag is trending? They are excited – and it raises overall perception of your conference.

Here are some recent blog posts that look at the connections between social media and your conference’s show daily:

Show Dailies Showcase Content

  • Show content has a shelf-life far longer than the conference at which it was shared. Previews and recaps of education sessions, attendee and speaker interviews, association updates and exhibitor news can be used in association publications, email newsletters, blogs and posts on social media channels.

Post show daily links on your social media channels.
Post show daily links on your social media channels.

Show dailies: More than Just Non-Dues Revenue

  • Share the show daily links via your social media channels to show those not in attendance what they are missing, and archive the links to create marketing tools for future meetings. Or take it a step further and host each show daily article on your website (or ask us to do it) – imagine the hundreds of tweets you can schedule just from 10-15 show daily articles!

Five Reasons your Association Needs a Show Daily

Enhance Your Social Media Strategy with Real-Time Posts

  • Scheduling platforms – i.e. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and TweetDeck – are a great tool for prescheduling tweets during your conference to promote the day’s events, thank sponsors and send out reminders. Doing so, however, only scratches the surface. Investing time, money and resources into real-time posting will increase interaction on your social media channels, share content with a wide audience and keep your hashtag trending all day long. Our post looks at six ways onsite content curation can be worked into your social media efforts.
Share social media posts in the show daily.
Share social media posts in the show daily.

Attendees + Social Media = Free Marketing

  • Regardless of the social media platform that an attendee uses during your conference, they’re telling anyone who will listen about their experience at your conference. Yes, posts can be both good and bad, but, assuming the positive greatly outweigh the negative – they are marketing your event to their followers, for free!

10 Ways a Show Daily Can be Very Useful

  • Have you recently joined a new social media channel, such as Instagram, or created a group on LinkedIn? Make sure attendees know how they can connect with their colleagues and your association online. What about the conference hashtag – does it appear on every page? Have a little fun with Twitter by including some of the day’s best tweets in tomorrow’s issue of your show daily.

Increase Your Social Media Reach: Turn Your Show Daily into Tweets & Posts!

  • Whether it’s a Tweet, Facebook post or Flickr album, social media posts reach a wide audience. When an attendee shares a speaker’s quote or posts a photo (hopefully with the conference hashtag), it’s free marketing for your conference. Social media is also a great tool for reminding attendees about the day’s events and providing updates on schedule changes.


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