Show Daily Writers Provide Fresh Perspective

Show dailies usually include a lot of the same things – all valuable. Schedule changes, coverage of keynote speakers and interesting photography help showcase an association’s annual meeting to its attendees and members. But with input from member volunteer writers, the value and scope of show daily coverage can accomplish so much more.

Recently one of our senior staff project directors was part of an editorial committee meeting for one of CustomNEWS’ show daily projects. As publications consultants, we frequently participate in these editorially-focused work sessions to offer insight on story assignments, particularly as it relates to the production process. We suggest ideas for coverage, things that have worked and not worked for others, and otherwise provide insight and assistance.  Some of our clients form committees of volunteer writers and editors to provide content for their projects. They typically meet a few months before the annual meeting to talk out story ideas and assign members to write stories for the daily issues.

In listening to the back-and-forth at this week’s meeting, many benefits of publishing a show daily almost automatically jump to the forefront:

  • Breaking News Matters. The organization just confirmed a major speaker who is likely to present controversial information. While the event will also be covered by the general media, the show daily lets the association immediately tailor coverage to its members, with the communications message more directed, controlled and nuanced.
  • Association VIPs. Writers are constantly checking to see who is presenting the various sessions. Attention is paid to association VIPs, noted presenters and other active volunteer members. Coverage in the show daily is another way to recognize the individuals most important to an association’s activities and programs.
  • What’s New? Show dailies are an excellent way to showcase new products, new programs, new science and new officers. If it’s “new”, there’s simply no better way to inform your annual meeting attendees about it than the onsite show daily publication. Exhibitors put their money where their mouth is and know the show daily is the best way to promote the introduction of a new product to their most important market.
  • What’s Not New (but Needs to be Again)? Frequently, sessions about familiar topics are discussed and the editorial team comes up with a novel angle to the subject – covering a brown-bag luncheon presentation instead of a session, or taking advantage of a writer’s interest or background to tell the story in a different way.
  • Telling the Story with Photos. Sometimes, important programs are recognized and promoted at the annual meeting through receptions or less formal activities. Telling the story with photos and captions taken by a professional photojournalist can not only cover the event, but help bring attention to a program’s importance.

These are only a few of the not-often-thought-about ways that show daily publications can help enhance your next annual meeting.

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