Better Together: Do Print and Digital Create Stronger Conference Communications?

Last year I wrote a blog post about how your vendor-partners can work together to bring more to your conference. As we continue to expand our network, we’re doing more to connect with other vendors that have services that our products complement, i.e. the conference mobile app. With increases in app usage rates and the rising costs of printing a traditional program, is there another option out there? Other than just not printing anything of course.

Yes – the show daily. 

  • You don’t want to eliminate a non-dues revenue stream, so create a new source for print advertising revenue.
  • What about those that aren’t using the app? Or didn’t know there was one! Promote the app in the show daily while also including a daily schedule, important announcements and updates in the show daily.
  • Need content and photos? A show daily generates a wealth of content that can be shared throughout the year and used to market future conferences.

To further expand on the connections between a mobile app and show daily, I wrote a guest blog post for CadmiumCD’s blog, which you can read here. This builds on the guest blog post that Mike Doane with CadmiumCD wrote for the CustomNEWS blog last year (he was our first guest blogger!).

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