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How is it already September? Time flies, for sure! Here’s a look back at our most popular posts of the year, so far. Check back in December to see what our year-end results are.

Digital Marketing: It Starts with Print:

Social media, email and the Internet deliver news to a wide audience very quickly. All it takes is a few keystrokes for photos to populate to a Facebook page or a story to appear on a blog. But where does the content for these mediums start? With print. Click here to continue reading.

Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To?

The printed program book – it’s an attendee’s “go-to” for navigating through session offerings, learning about exhibitors and getting the most from a conference. But with rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps and schedule changes, is a program book still the best “go-to” your conference can offer? CustomNEWS has a suggestion for you. Click here to continue reading.

Show Dailies Showcase Content

A few months ago, Jenn Waters, assistant publisher & digital media manager, CustomNEWS, Inc., had the opportunity to present at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting in Detroit. During “Stretch Your Conference Content,” Jenn looked at the show daily as a tool for not only curating and showcasing content at your conference, but also as a way to generate content to share throughout the year. Click here to continue reading.

Going Paperless? Wait, Read This!

“Going green” shows that you respect the environment. But, by eliminating print pieces:

  • Will attendees still be informed and able to access the information they need to make the most of your conference?
  • Are you eliminating advertising & sponsorship revenue opportunities?
  • Could you be relying too much on attendees to buy-in to your digital initiatives before they are ready?

Click here to continue reading.

Photos Are Worth More than 1,000 Words

As a meeting planner or association executive, are you aware of the many benefits of hiring a professional event photographer? Your convention is the perfect opportunity to gather dynamic imagery that will enable you to market your organization on multiple levels. Click here to continue reading.


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