Engaging Virtual Attendees: Don’t Overlook your Show Daily!

Virtual attendees need to feel they are included – and not forgotten about simply because they aren’t attending in-person.

The virtual audience needs engagement opportunities that make them feel included. Working polling, text chat (with a dedicated moderator) and games into the virtual conference arena are a must.

What about the conference show daily? Before you dismiss it as something that wouldn’t add value to your virtual conference, check out our ideas:

  • Highlight virtual conference happenings in the show daily: It promotes your offerings to a wide audience – a conference attendee may have a colleague interested in viewing remotely. And if you are sending out show daily links via email and social media, non-attendees will read about an opportunity designed for them.
  • Ask questions: If your show daily includes a man on the street feature, post the question to your virtual audience and include their replies as well.
  • Customize show daily content for your virtual audience: rather then just resending the digital version of the onsite show daily out, plan to rework the content so there is an expanded focus on the upcoming day’s schedule, profile virtual attendees, moderators, etc. Also, think about the page size – ask your show daily publisher to design a letter-size publication, which is easier to view digitally. And don’t forget the virtual conference has sponsors, be sure to prominently feature their logos.
  • Don’t forget the exhibit hall: in the virtual-only show daily, include more information on show floor happenings. Ask virtual attendees what they want to hear about from the exhibits – new products, areas of focus, etc., then write about it.

Virtual attendees need to feel included and be engaged – otherwise they will lose interest and you will never get them back.


Want to talk more about some of these ideas?

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