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Publish photo groups in the show daily, and then create photo albums on social media to show off the day in pictures!
Publish photo groups in the show daily, and then create photo albums on social media to show off the day in pictures!

At a marketing event last week, my colleague and I frequently lauded the show daily as a tool to use to market future events. Showcasing content, photos and videos will show those not in attendance what they missed. MeetingsNet recently published an article on FOMO with more ideas on how to increase attendance.

I also wrote about FOMO and show daily tie-ins earlier this year as well on this blog. Here’s a few of the highlights:

Non-attendees can read about session topics and keynote speakers in promotional materials, maybe browse the exhibitor list as well. But without a way to capture a conference’s happenings, how are they going to know they missed out?

  • Start with the show daily: Capture content with onsite writers and photographers that share the messages from keynotes, learning objectives covered in education sessions and show happy attendees. Then share show daily links via social media, in daily emails and on the conference website – take advantage of every opportunity to promote conference happenings.
  • Profile attendees: Non-attendees need to see they have things in common with current attendees. Interview attendees about why they are attending, how they use what they learn at the conference and provide a little background – others will take notice and start to think about commonalities. These attendees can then be shared in the show daily, posted on social media and used in future marketing materials.
  • Use social media: Create daily photo albums, share other posts with the conference hashtag and post show daily links – others will take notice. Your event may not reach “trending” status, but the more you get your presence out there, the better chance of catching a prospective attendee’s attention.
  • Target non-attendees: Could the time spent identifying members not attending your conference be worthwhile? Create a daily email sent to only non-attendees. They won’t realize it’s a marketing effort if you share conference news they will want to hear about.

Focused on increasing conference attendance? Let’s take a closer look at what you can be doing to create FOMO! Contact CustomNEWS today,, to make plans for your next conference.

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