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Just a few fun ways to tie together your show daily and social media .
Just a few fun ways to tie together your show daily and social media .

A digital marketing plan is a must for any conference. Reaching attendees – and prospective attendees – where they are, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn or email is a must. You can’t assume one platform will reach you target audience. Scanalytics recently wrote about digital marketing tactics on their blog – check out 5 Digital Marketing Tactics for Event Organizers for some great tips, including one you may not have thought of!

But when developing that digital marketing plan, don’t overlook the show daily as an asset for your social media team. And if your staff’s overstretched and cannot live-tweet or add content, we want to help. Publishing a show daily will enhance your social media strategy with show daily links, sessions quotes and daily photos. Here’s five suggestions on how to incorporate your show daily into your social media plan:

1. Quotes: Create a process that allows your onsite editorial team to turn quotes into tweets and send to the appointed person for posting as they happen. And don’t forget to look for quotes that your attendees are tweeting and retweet them throughout the day – you can also publish them in the next issue of your show daily!

2. Photos: Rather than waiting for photos at the end of the day, look at the resources you have for capturing photos that can be posted within minutes to Twitter and Instagram. Maybe your show daily production team can wander around with their iPhone? Or hiring an independent social media manager to support your staff is a worthwhile investment.

3. Videos: Onsite video production may be less expensive than you think. Numerous companies can now produce and upload attendee interviews within minutes, as well as produce montages and features that can be shared the conference website, social media channels and the daily email newsletter. Ask about embedding videos in your digital show daily and/or broadcasting to the hotel’s internal channels.

4. Show Daily Links on Social Media and in your App: Ask your publisher to provide an image of page 1, as well as write a few tweets about content in each day’s issue. These posts can be scheduled at the end of the day or early in the morning. And don’t forget to ask your mobile app developer about creating a news section for including show daily links in the app.

5. Photo albums: Ask your photographer to share 15-20 photos with you each day for daily photo albums that can be created on Flickr and Facebook. Then share the links on Twitter and LinkedIn. Increase traction and visibility with daily photo albums, rather than one overall album.

Have a few minutes to discuss how a show daily can strengthen your social media strategy?

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