Blog Round-Up: Content Marketing

Content is king – we hear that phrase quite often. But are you doing enough to maximize the reach of the great content being shared at your conference. A number of our posts relate to content marketing – here’s a look at a few we’ve posted on the topic:

Creating Year-Round Content: Start with the Opening Keynote:  Over the next few months, we’ll write about ways to generate different types of content from a show daily article/conference event. We’re going to work under the assumption that you have a show daily editorial team onsite (at least one photographer and reporter) covering sessions. Read more.

Content as a Promotional Tool: Onsite editorial coverage at your conference will showcase news, highlight speakers’ messages and let those not attending see what they missed. Read more.

Show Dailies Showcase Content: Jenn Waters, assistant publisher & digital media manager, CustomNEWS, Inc., had the opportunity to present at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting in Detroit. During “Stretch Your Conference Content,” Jenn looked at the show daily as a tool for not only curating and showcasing content at your conference, but also as a way to generate content to share throughout the year. Read more.

Turn Q&As into Engaging Content: By asking an open-ended question and snapping a photo, you’ve created engaging content for blog posts, future marketing materials and social media. Whether it’s for your association’s storytelling campaign, or to stock-pile member profiles, story ideas are ripe for the picking at your conference. Read more.

Would you like to learn more about how a show daily can be the tool that supports your content marketing strategy. Contact Jenn Waters, to discuss CustomNEWS’ print and digital publishing services.

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