Recommended Reading: Creating GIFS

If you’re like me (Jenn Waters, the primary author of this blog), you may see a post on social media that’s witty and creative and think, “wish I could do that.” I recently came across a great resource for social media managers, The ultimate guide to GIF design. Now when you see some fun tweets next month, you’ll know how I started.

Save on Stock Photo Fees!

Love the idea of creating some gifs, but lacking the images needed? Is your organization spending a lot on stock photos for marketing and promotional pieces? If you add up that expense, and consider the time spent searching/downloading, you may find it to be more cost-effective to hire an onsite meeting photographer for your next conference.

In addition to getting photos of conference events, think about your future photo needs for marketing pieces. One of CustomNEWS’ clients set up times for groups of attendees to gather around the convention center for photo shoots. Care was taken to not have conference signage on the walls, but some attendees did have their tote bags, which added a “they are really our attendees” message to the images.

Check out this great post from Rachelle Morvant on conference photography.

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