Blog Round Up: Advertising/Non-Dues Revenue

Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.
Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.

Non-dues revenue is always a hot topic in the associations arena, but also a delicate topic – as the offerings need to be positioned as assets to the organization, not just money-makers. A show daily delivers on all accounts:

  • Provides a wealth of content that showcases the news and highlights of a conference, in stories, photos and video. This content can be used throughout the year.
  • Don’t have the staff to cover sessions? Or the budget for an experienced photographer? All of these can be rolled in to our show daily royalty proposal – we’ll publish a show daily for FREE!
  • Generates non-dues revenue through print advertising (display ads, new product showcases listings, sponsored content) and sponsorship (single-issue sponsors, distribution team sponsorship).

Blog Round-Up:

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Let’s talk about how CustomNEWS can develop a new non-dues revenue stream for your organization. Contact Jenn Waters,

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