Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Higher attendance? More exhibitors? Growth in sponsorship revenue? There are so many ways to measure an event’s success – here’s a great article from SmartMeetings, 6 Ways to Measure an Event’s Success? Here’s a quick look at how a show daily can play a role/impact some of these measurements.

Social Media: Not everyone’s on social media 24-7, or event has Twitter/Instagram, etc. So reminding attendees about conference hashtags and highlighting top tweets in your show daily is definitely not overkill. Want to take it a step farther? Create a contest – haikus anyone?

Future Events: Your attendees are your captive audience – make sure they know about future events, webinars, etc. Look for tie-ins for each session recap you publish in your show daily.

Sponsorship/Advertising Revenue: Get creative with your sponsorships. Seeing a drop in program book advertising? Offer show daily/email banner ad packages that will reach a wider audience.

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