Recommended Reading: Attendee Problems

Help first-timers get the most out of their conference experience by including some tips in your show daily.

Making the experience painless – and beneficial – for attendees can be a challenging job. Here’s a great article from @SmoothThePath with some common problems attendees and exhibitors may face, and some suggestions on how to overcome them, The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences.

A few ways a show daily can help:

  • Tips for First-time Attendees: We all remember our first conference, it can be quite overwhelming being surrounded by strangers and not having any idea where to go. Include an article in your first issue, and preview issue if you have one, targeted at this demographic. Interview veterans for their tips on getting the most out of your conference, and include some suggestions on who to follow on social media if they have questions during the conference.
  • Attendee Q & As: Help attendees learn from others by asking questions such as “How will you apply what you learned?” or “What’s a topic you’d like to see covered next year.

Would you like to learn more about how publishing a show daily can become both an attendee and exhibitor benefit? Contact Jenn Waters, to start planning.

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