Have You Read these Posts?

We’re excited to announce that our blog has had more than 2,200 visitors and 3,900 views since its launch two years ago. Here’s a look at the top 5 blog posts so far in 2017:

Share conference highlights via an email to all members that showcases the post-conference highlights issue of your show daily.

Showcase Photos and Videos in Your Show Daily: A show daily can be much more than a one-off print vehicle. Producing a post-conference digital issue creates a tool for sharing conference news, photos and videos to a wide audience – while only needing to direct them to one site. Read more…

Creating Year-Round Content: Start with the Opening Keynote: Over the next few months, we’ll write about ways to generate different types of content from a show daily article/conference event. We’re going to work under the assumption that you have a show daily editorial team onsite (at least one photographer and reporter) covering sessions. Read more…

Blog Round-Up: Content Marketing: Content is king – we hear that phrase quite often. But are you doing enough to maximize the reach of the great content being shared at your conference. A number of our posts relate to content marketing – here’s a look at a few we’ve posted on the topic. Read more…

An exhibitor guide is a very relevant tool for attendees and exhibitors!

Stand-alone Exhibitor Guides Add Value: Exhibitors invest in your organization when they exhibit at your conference. Could a stand-alone exhibitor guide add more value then including this information in the back of the program book? Here’s a few reasons we think it would. Read more…

Vendor Collaboration: How Your Conference Benefits: Each vendor has an area of expertise that you rely onto them for. But with the introduction of mobile apps and digital technologies, there’s more and more overlapping. Here’s a few ways that the services provided by these vendors can be incorporated into your onsite conference communications. Read more…


Want to learn more about CustomNEWS’ print and digital publishing services?

Contact Jenn Waters, jwaters@showdailies.com.


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