Recommended Reading: Event Photography

Attendees love to see themselves in photos!

Looking for ways to reduce expenses as budgets become smaller? Is event photography something that could be slashed? i3events recently campaigned against that decision, Your Association in the Best Possible Light.

Before you think that iphones and volunteers can suffice, think about other photography-related expenses you have throughout the year, such as stock photos for marketing materials, etc. Eliminate the need for stock photography by having a professional photographer capture your conference through their lens. Concerned you won’t get the images you’ll need? Here’s a few more tips from CustomNEWS.

  • Make a list of what’s been used in the past so you don’t waste the photog.’s time, or your money on images that will just sit on a hard drive.
  • Invite 10-20 attendees to participate in a photo shoot that will give you the stock photos you need throughout the year. Try to avoid references to the conference or location so you can get a lot of use out of these images. Members and attendees will notice that their colleagues are in the photos, and you’re not using stock images they’ve already seen elsewhere.

    An event photographer will give you the photos you need.
  • Show dailies need photos: Photos show readers the publication’s an actual newspaper, not just full of canned articles. And when an attendee is told their photo made the publication, they’ll rush to grab a stack. It’s true, really!

Not convinced? Here’s another post, written by one of CustomNEWS’ go-to photographers, on the topic: Photos Are Worth More than 1,000 Words.

Concerned about how to fit event photography into that tight budget? CustomNEWS’ royalty proposals can include a professional photographer. Contact Jenn Waters,, to learn more.



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