Looking for Cost-Effective Pre-Show Marketing Tools? Publish a Show Daily Preview Issue

Publish a digital preview issue to remind members about registration deadlines and showcase event highlights.

Show dailies are a unique publication – in essence, you are publishing a customized newspaper for your target audience. Content is chosen by your organization, and delivery methods can include print, direct mail, email and social media.

Data released in CEIR’s new report, Cost to Attract Attendees, shows that associations now spend 20% less on attendee marketing than they did in 2013. Is this due to higher printing/postage costs? A feeling that free social media opportunities are more lucrative? 

When it comes to preparing attendees for your conference, how do you prepare them to get the most out of their investment to attend? What about those still on the fence – how to you convert them to registered attendees? (How can a show daily cause #FOMO? Read this post.)

Publishing a digital preview issue of a show daily creates a cost-effective tool that becomes a one-stop resource for attendees to refer to as they prepare for your conference. Exhibitors will like the lower price points, because it’s digital only, and the opportunity to promote products and events prior to the conference. Here are a few samples of digital preview issues:

Want to discuss the publication of a digital preview issue for your next conference?

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