Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

An event’s success can be defined in different ways, but strong attendance numbers are a must. While it may not be realistic to expect strong growth every year, you don’t want to see a drop off. That could mean they are turning to other organizations for education, and not yours! This post from MemberClicks, From #ASAE17: 4 Barriers to People Attending a Conference, caught my eye last week because it focuses on the experience that your event will offer.

Use This Year’s Conference to Market Next Year’s Event!

A great way to show prospective attendees why your event should be on their radar is to show them what they’re missing. Session recaps, attendee interviews, photos and video clips provide the tools you need. These items can be shared via email newsletters, digital versions of the show daily and social media during the conference. Once it concludes, you then have a wealth of information to use throughout the year to market future events.

Session previews and recaps can also promote upcoming events.

Another way to market other related events is to tie promos into show daily content. If the topic of a session recap relates to an upcoming webinar or new publication, include that information as a sidebar. You’ll increase their overall interactions with your organization if they can identify you as a key resource for education.

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