Recommended Reading: 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show

Exhibitors play a key role at conferences. They provide necessary financial support, but also draw in attendees. Your audience wants to be the first to hear about new products and have an opportunity to discuss challenges they are facing with someone who could help. Is your organization doing enough to help exhibitors maximize their decision to exhibit at your conference. Granted, you can’t do everything for them, and some will complain regardless – but here is a great article from MeetingsNet, written by Reno Macri, that all show organizers and exhibitors should read, 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show. 

Promote Show Daily Advertising

Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.

When CustomNEWS sells show daily advertising, our sales team contacts every exhibitor to discuss their goals for the show and how show daily advertising will improve their ROI. But often, it’s the companies that say no that are the first to complain about poor booth traffic.

The MeetingsNet article mentioned trade publications as a way to reach the target audience. But a show daily takes it a step further – it delivers an exhibitor’s message directly to attendees each morning as they are planning their day on the show floor.  Perhaps they didn’t see that trade publication, or didn’t scour the mobile app to read company descriptions — seeing an ad promoting a product that could be what they are looking for will have them headed to that booth to learn more.

Show dailies can offer more than just traditional display ads:

Exhibitor News: Receiving calls from exhibitors about ways to get their news into the show daily? Offer complimentary press release publication as a value-added opportunity for advertisers. You can set it at 200-300 words per article – and make it more appealing by accepting a logo or photo with each article. See example here.

New Product Showcase listings: Encourage exhibitors to introduce new products at your conference by creating an easy way for them to promote these launches. A New Product Showcase listing could include a color photo, booth number and 50-100 word product description. See example here.

Offer advertisers an exclusive opportunity: complimentary press release publication.

Advertorials: Priced along the same lines as display advertising, this is an alternative for exhibitors seeking editorial coverage of company news, products, announcements, etc. See example here.

Classified advertising: Help attendees connect with potential employers by offering classified advertising in your show daily. Read more here, Employers See Value in Show Daily Advertising.

Email Banner Ads: Distributing your show daily links via a daily email newsletter to attendees and/or members. Set a number (we like 4) of banner ads to sell in each issue – which will generate anywhere from $2-5,000. See example here, Show Daily and Email Newsletter Links.

T-Shirt and display bin advertising: These would be targeted towards exhibitors looking to make a big splash. Having your show daily distribution temps with the conference logo on the front and sponsor logo on the back will not only generate revenue, but also make your show daily more visible!  Read more here, Sponsors Looking for that Big Splash.


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