Show Daily Flies Off Shelf as Attendees Seek Printed Schedule

Digital signage reminded attendees to pick up the show daily.

Mobile apps put so much information at an attendee’s fingertips – session descriptions, speaker listings and much more. But what happens when they know where they need to be, but cannot remember the room number? Attendees want something in print format that they can quickly refer to – as opposed to having to pull out their mobile device.

After eliminating their onsite program – the Souvenir Journal – last year, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference made the ALC Daily, the conference’s daily newspaper, the source for daily schedule information.

This page made the ALC Daily quite popular with attendees!

Even though this was the second year without the Souvenir Journal, we saw demand rise for a printed version of the daily schedule – and attendees knew to find it in the ALC Daily.

Along with leadership interviews, photos, session previews and recaps, each issue of the ALC Daily had that day’s full schedule – session names and room numbers. Attendees quickly realized this was their go-to tool, and copies flew out of the bins. Each day, all copies had been picked up by noon.

Attendees were reminded via social media and digital signage to refer to the ALC Daily throughout the conference – and they did! The conference has hundreds of sessions, so they are able to read about those they were unable to attend.

We’re already discussing ways to make the ALC Daily more valuable to attendees, perhaps by including the full schedule in each day’s issue, not just that day’s; or adding the chairperson’s name to each session.

Check out the digital versions of the issue here:

Did you read “Apps; sure . . . But where are the maps?,” last month’s post about why attendees still want an exhibit hall map in print format?

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