Headed To #ExpoExpo? So Are We!

Attendees see the show daily as a great source of information.

CustomNEWS is looking forward to exhibiting at Expo Expo. We hope you’ll stop by our booth, #1402, to learn about the many benefits of show dailies. These are no longer “one-off” publications read and discarded at a conference. Show dailies share conference news and highlights with a wide audience through print, email and social media distribution efforts. Show dailies also maintain that important print advertising revenue stream if you opt to eliminate your onsite printed program book.

Why keep printing?

We’re finding that as mobile app adoption rates rise, conference organizers are reevaluating the role of onsite print communications vehicles. Perhaps some of these questions have come up during your discussions about what to print:

  • Is an onsite print program still a necessity?
  • If we eliminate our print program, how do we maintain our important print advertising revenue stream?
  • What would the cost be for an exhibitor guide or program-at-a-glance?
  • Could a show daily help us showcase content conference throughout the year?

If they have, please stop by booth #1402 so we can show you some samples and discuss the many benefits of show dailies and other related print collateral.

Focused on membership?

Don’t overlook the show daily – it’s a great tool to highlight the many benefits of membership with your target audience, conference attendees. While there will be a good showing of current members, your reaching non-members when they are thinking about your organization and seeing what can be offered, beyond one yearly face-to-face event. Publishing a show daily creates a vehicle that can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Promote organization’s membership benefits via articles and advertisements
  • Publish member profiles that show others why they belong
  • Recognize committees and conference volunteers
  • Use “man on the street” interviews to ask attendees why they belong to your organization or their favorite member benefit. These comments can then be repurposed in future marketing materials.

Print and Apps Can Work Together!

With the growth of event technologies such as mobile apps and online planners, the role of onsite print communications vehicles such as the program book has come into question. Rather than eliminating print all together, revisiting print options can identify what print publications can support your mobile app while also maintaining that necessary print revenue stream.

Visit us at Expo Expo!

We hope you’ll visit booth #1402 during Expo Expo. Or you can contact Jenn Waters, jwaters@showdailies.com, for more information.

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